Cooperation and International Relations

The mission of the Cooperation and International Relations Department that belongs to the Office of the City Historian in Camagüey is to coordinate, facilitate, manage and control initiatives for development involving international cooperators.

One of the department’s main duties is to handle international cooperation through the formulation of projects and punctual donations that are a priority to the institution and the region and that cooperators show interest in.

The International Cooperation work in Camagüey’s Historian Office focuses on main strategic approaches in order to accomplish the institution’s mission of preserving the province’s material and spiritual memory, which is intended to defend our tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

The first strategic direction is Social Services which includes a number of programs and resources aiming to promote and integrate different kinds of populations into society and services: health, education, culture, sports. We tackle specific social problems and we work to find solutions for these difficulties in order to improve people’s quality of life, especially that of children and teenagers.

Another priority is the Cultural Heritage Conservation: preserving the city’s material and spiritual memory by means of actions to restore and conserve the built heritage and also through the study, research and spreading of the historical legacy. Encouraging the national culture, traditions, and customs are among the main premises to defend our tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Therefore, our tasks are to value and spread our cultural heritage and to rescue the endangered heritage as well as the traditional trades.

Finally, the other strategic direction aims to guarantee a proper Management of Local Economy. Developing economy and local capacities in the Historic Center where the cultural heritage protection is a priority, not only can provide the region’s inhabitants with jobs and opportunities, but is also a chance for people to identify with the city and support the protection of our legacy. Thus what we intend to do is to encourage creative economies/cultural industries, to develop capacities for building materials production, to use Information Technologies, as well as to strengthen local capacities and knowledge management.

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Phone numbers: 32257577/ 32286354 EXT 112

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